Course Start Dates


Course Code Course Name Next Start Date(s)
ICT50220 Diploma of IT 13-Nov-23
BSB50420 Diploma in Leadership & Management 12-Apr-23
BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership 03-Nov-24
BSB50120 Diploma of Business 12-Apr-23
English for Academic Purposes EAP 5 01-Jan-24
EAP 10 20-Nov-23
EAP 15 03-Apr-24
EAP 20 29-Jan-24

Classes run subject to meeting minimum numbers.

*Census dates are only indicative as they apply to each unit in which a student enrols.

^End dates are only indicative and are based on a student enrolling full-time. End dates will vary if the student has any advanced standing, if they enrol part-time or, if they need to repeat any units.